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Laravel tenancy

One installation, any number of portals
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Run multiple websites using the same laravel installation while keeping tenant specific data separated for fully independant multi-domain setups.
Easy, unobtrusive & flexible
Tenancy easily integrates into your Laravel code. No complex installation procedure is required to make your app multi tenant. This package does not replace any Laravel code, it safely integrates unobtrusively and still allows for a vast amount of flexibility.
Separation of concern
Serving multiple websites from the same Laravel installation, each with one or more hostnames. Clear separation of assets, database and the ability to override logic per tenant. Or make global assets, database and code available to every tenant.
Stable & free
Tenancy will remain free to use for any commercial and non-commercial project due to the MIT license. No license changes will be introduced for this or future versions of this package. Being well tested, her features and requirements are covered using continuous integration tests.
Support active development
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